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Our Brands & Products:

1.Manual chain block
2.Electric chain hoist
3.Electric wire rope hoist

1.Permanet magnetic lifter

1.Hydraulic pallet truck

1.Polyester webbing slings
2.Polyester round slings
3.Cargo rachet belt

1.Wire ropes
2.Galvanized chain
3.Lifting chain

The benefit view of the single and double win of the people is the guarantee for the sustainable management of Haier.

Haier is the Haier of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders. Network era, Haier and sub supplier and partner composed networked organization, formed one of the interests of the community, sharing a win-win situation to create value. Only all stakeholders continue to win, Haier is likely to achieve sustainable management. To achieve this goal, Haier has to business model innovation, gradually formed and perfected with the Haier characteristics of single a win-win model, "people" with two of a spirit of the staff, and the "single" that the user value. Each employee will create value for users in different independent management, so as to realize their own value, the nature of enterprise value and shareholder value is reflected.
Each employee through the addition of independent operators and users to establish a contract, from being managed to self-management, from being operated to independent management, to achieve autonomy, autonomy, self promotion, which is the full release of human nature.
Single a win-win model for employees to provide opportunity fairness and result fairness mechanism platform, for each employee to play two innovation spirit provide resources and the mechanism of protection, so that each employee can be in form of self-organization of initiative innovation and change to change the system, to win.