About uscorporate culture
"Always to the user is, to their own non -" is the concept of Haier to create the user's power.
Haier people always to the user as is, not only to meet the needs of users, but also to create a user demand; Haier people always thought of non, only thought can not continue to deny themselves and challenge themselves, self remolding -- to change the system change, and change to win.
The two formed the inherent genetic characteristics of Haier's sustainable development: not because of the world to change and change, to adapt to the development of the times and development.
This gene and each Haier's "two hit" (Entrepreneurship and innovation spirit, the formation of Haier in the ever changing market to maintain competitive advantage of the characteristics of the core capability: intense changes in the world, the user changes faster, inheriting the longer.
Entrepreneurship is the two innovation of the spirit of Haier culture is the same gene.
Haier's concept of change is not only the concept of the employee's personal development guidelines, but also the constraints of the value of employees. "Always with the user as is, to their own non -" the concept of gene requires employees to have two creative spirit.
Pioneering spirit is the spirit of entrepreneurship, Haier encourage every employee should have the spirit of entrepreneurship, from being operated into independent business, the impossible to become possible, to become their own CEO;
The essence of the spirit of innovation is to create the value of differentiation. The creation of differentiated value originates from the creation of new user resources.
The core of the two creative spirit is to emphasize the goal of locking the first competitiveness. The goal remains unchanged, but in order to achieve the goal, it should be an open field of vision, the effective integration, the use of resources.