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Haier's vision and mission is a commitment to become the dominant industry, users preferred the first competitive beautiful residence life solve solution provider. Haier through establishing a single a win-win independent management mode, to, build node closed-loop dynamic network organization, externally, to build an open platform to become global white electric industry leading and the rule makers, whole process user experience driven by the actual situation of network integration leader to create world-class brand in the Internet era.
"Haier road" is the innovation of the road, its connotation is: to create a first-class talent mechanism and platform, which continues to create value for customers, and then shape the adult single and a win-win culture. At the same time, Haier to "no business success, only the era of enterprise" concept, is committed to build evergreen enterprise of a hundred years, a business can go far, depends on suitable for enterprise own value view. This is landing corporate strategy, to resist the temptation of the cornerstone.