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Permanent Magnet Lifter 0.1-5 T - Permanent Magnet Lifter

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Permanent Magnet Lifter :PML-S Type 

Capacity: 0.1-5 T

It is widely used as lifting tools in factory terminals and warehouse.

Using high-performance permanent magnet,

ensure the power and high safety.
Capacity:100kg-6000kg. (10000KG need to customized )


1. Permanent magnetic lifter is widely used as lifting tools in factory terminals and warehouse.

2. Safe and reliable, easy to operate, can be used single or combined with other machines to move long and big magnetic iron steels.

3. Using high-performance permanent magnet, ensure the power and high safety.

4. With a "V" style design at the bottom of lifter, can lift both round steel and steel plate.

5. Maintain constant and reliable magnetism without electricity, residual magnetism approach naught.

6. The maximum pull-off force as 3.5 times as rated lifting force which contribute to improve the working conditions of loading operation and labor productivity.

7. The lifting have high resistance to demagnetization, the lifting value will keep constant and stable.